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  In China the prospects of the development of " Trans - Caspian international transport route" has been discussed
  01 July 2017
  In Washington the Transport Forum “Trans Caspian East-West Trade and Transit Corridor" has been held
  30 June 2017
  Statement of the Railway
  23 June 2017
  The issues concerning the development of a new railway route “South-West” have been discussed in Baku
  21 June 2017
  Surprise of the Georgian Railway
  21 June 2017
  “The Georgian railway" holds an annual meeting of CER
  20 June 2017
  Joint training of the State University of the State of Iowa, the USA, and the Federal Agency on safety and Health care of the USA (OSHA) concerning the labor environment, health care and safety
  19 June 2017
  Statement of the JSC “ Georgian railway"
  07 June 2017
  Heads of the railways of three countries have discussed the new project
  06 June 2017
  Today, the Georgian railway, took part in an action "You Too Plant a Tree "
  27 May 2017
  Surprise of the Georgian Railway
  26 May 2017
  The Statement of the JSC "Georgian Railway"
  24 May 2017
  A new, high-platform railway station was built near the concert hall "Black Sea Arena".
  20 May 2017
  The Georgian Railway has held the event within the introduction of the "Lean Six Sigma" methodology
  19 May 2017
  Statement of the Railway
  17 May 2017
  Statement of the joint-stock company of" the Georgian railroad"
  17 May 2017
  The Georgian railway introduces a new service for carriers
  12 May 2017
  Information for Students!
  01 May 2017
  Statement of the Railway
  25 April 2017
  The overpass – Chakvi – Kobuleti - km.19 pk8
  21 April 2017
  In Kiev has been discussed an issue of effective use of opportunities of the Transcaspian international transport corridor (TMTM)
  13 April 2017
  Statement of the JSC "Georgian railway"
  10 April 2017
  Memorandum of co-operation between JSC «Georgian Railway» and the rugby club “ Locomotive” has been made
  04 April 2017
  Station Batumi - Central is equipped with the first in Georgia microprocessor centralization of modern type (MPC)
  30 March 2017
  To an action – Let’s fight with electronic waste together! The first joins the Georgian railway
  24 March 2017
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